We ship from various locations all over the world. That is why some items will ship and arrive faster than others, and shipping prices are different.
Generally, we are shipping to any destination around the world. However, due to legal and commercial reasons some items may not be shipped to certain regions. In some cases shipping charges will also be too high to be listed, and we reserve the right to either cancel the purchase or inform you about the additional charges. In the latter case, you will have the option to pay extra charges for shipping or receive a refund and cancel the deal. In any case, if there is a problem with shipping we will contact you first and confirm with you as to how you would like to proceed before making any changes.
We are paying any tax required in the origin country where we ship the item from. The customer is responsible of paying any taxes and/or charges in their destination country.
In such a case, obviously we will be responsible for replacing the item or reimbursing you for it. Please contact us for a solution.
If you received an item but you change your mind and would like to return it, please contact us. Please note that not all items are returnable. Also, in order to return the item it will need to be unopened and unused. We will not be able to accept a return for an item that has been taken out of its packaging. In addition, please note that you might be charged up to 20% of the sale price for restocking.
The buyer, always. We cannot be responsible for shipping costs. However, in case of a defect or a serious error on our part, we might offer to reimburse you for for the costs you paid.
The available shipping options depend on the specific item. In most cases we use standard and economy international shipping options in order to keep the price as low as possible for you. However, if you would like to receive your item earlier or choose a specific carrier to ensure reliable delivery, please contact us. We will do our best to offer additional and specific shipping options.